In 1902, Issac Jackson came into the district and built his log cabin on the bank of the little stream that flows just east of where Homeglen Hall now stands. He was our first settler. From then on, there came a steady stream of settlers. Some stayed a while and then moved on while others brought their families and remained.

In 1909 came the school and the post office. Before that, the mail was hauled by team from Ponoka. Mrs. Bates was the first post mistress. Her house, which contained the post office, was built in 1906 and is now the home of Carl and Olga Christiansen. When Mrs. Bates was asked what the new post office was to be called, she answered, "This is a home in the Glen" and that is the name she sent in to Edmonton for registration. In Edmonton, it was registered as "Homeglen". In 1951, the post office was closed and we then became RR2 Bluffton. We can talk about our efficient mail service of today, but in 1948, Alice MacTavish mailed a letter from Calgary on a saturday morning to her sister in Homeglen and she recieved it that same afternoon!

The little one room school, built by Mr. Bates, served as a school, church and community center. The first teacher at homeglen School was Miss Fisher and the last was Ellen Hayward. In 1956, the school was closed and the children were bussed to Sylvan Heights.

1945 saw the community getting together to build the Homeglen Hall where today we have functions happening on a monthly basis. Live music, potluck suppers and ice cream socials are a few of the events happening throughout the year. 100 years ago, Homeglen was a wonderful place to live and still is today.


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